The second day of the General Conference of the Burundi Free Methodist Church, currently being held in Ngozi, was marked by profound spiritual reflection and significant administrative decisions. Two major activities highlighted the day: a deep study of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and the revision of certain articles of the Church’s constitution.

The Great Commission: A Call to Evangelism

The day began with a morning meditation led by Bishop Samuel Kayinamura of the Free Methodist Church in Rwanda. In his message, he urged the delegates to intensify their efforts in evangelism. Drawing from Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:18-20, Bishop Kayinamura emphasized the importance of making Christ known to those who do not yet believe.

“This mission, though challenging, is imperative,” he declared. “Jesus promised to be with us until the end of the age, which should encourage us to persevere in our call to share the good news.”

Continuing from this meditation, Pastor Acher Niyonizigiye further elaborated on the essential responsibilities of the Church. He highlighted three main tasks:

1. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ: As commanded by Jesus in Mark 16:15-16, we are called to share the message of salvation clearly and faithfully.

2. Make Disciples: The Church must focus on forming new disciples of Christ, imparting the teachings and life of Jesus to them.

3. Educate for the Renewal of the Mind: Citing Romans 12:2, Pastor Niyonizigiye stressed the importance of transforming our minds to better understand and glorify God without fear, reflecting 2 Timothy 1:7.

Constitutional Reforms: Towards a New Organization

In addition to the spiritual teachings, the Conference also addressed crucial discussions on the Church’s organization. One of the key decisions was the approval of the abolition of Districts within the Free Methodist Church in Burundi, a step towards administrative simplification.

In contrast, the delegates voted in favor of increasing the number of annual conferences from two to six. This new structure aims to better align with the recent redefinition of provincial boundaries in Burundi, which now comprises five provinces. This reorganization is expected to facilitate more effective management and closer proximity to local congregations.

A Renewed Commitment to the Future

These changes demonstrate the Free Methodist Church in Burundi’s commitment to adapting to current needs while remaining faithful to its evangelical mission. The General Conference continues to be a space for spiritual renewal and administrative innovation, showing that the Church is alive and ready to meet future challenges. In conclusion, this day not only reinforced the call to evangelism and discipleship but also highlighted the importance of adapting to societal and organizational changes. May the Lord continue to guide the Church in its mission and reforms, for His greater glory.

Last modified: June 14, 2024