To sustain the implementation of the Community Bible Study Program, the dimension of revitalization of that Program is more than a necessity. It is centered on the provision of teachings to the leaders of the Local Churches, to equip them as promoters of the authentication of the Community Bible Study of the church members under their responsibility.

It is in this logic that a teaching session for pastors, catechists, elders of the Church as well as leaders of the already formed Home Cells working within Nyarúkěre District was organized and accomplished on April 23, 2022 at the Kayokwe Parish headquarters. 26 Key Leaders at different levels benefited from it.

The training session started with a meditation on the Holy Scriptures showing the representation and advocacy roles of the Leader. Using the scriptures read in the Book of Exodus 32:7-14, the National Coordinator of the EBC Program, Mr. Gérard Bimenyimana challenged the leaders to meditate on four characteristic aspects of an authentic Leader within the Kingdom of God, namely: accountability, advocacy or intercession on behalf of the led, zeal for learning, and empathy.

During this training, the leaders were reminded of the Vision and Mission of EMLBU, to reinforce the idea that the supreme mandate of the Church is to make Disciples, hence the ultimate need to put the faithful on the tracks of a systematic Scriptures’ Learning coupled with meditation sessions focused on how to translate into practice the Teachings out of the leaned truths in daily life; in the form of weekly meetings of the church members ‘Home Cells, which the District Leaders were remobilized to form in their respective administrative districts, according to the hierarchy.

Then, the leaders were reminded of the 5 pillars of the CBE Program, namely:

  • Reading and individual meditation of the Holy Scriptures.
  • Small group exchanges (implied by the meetings in the House Cells).
  • Accurate teaching.
  • Coherent Interpretation.
  • Mutual Love and Empathy.

At the end of the training session for the Leaders of Nyarúkěre District on the implementation of the Community Bible Study Program in the District, the District Superintendent thanked the Bishop of the Burundi Free Methodist Church for its dedication in the process of Discipleship through the Community Bible Study Program, while sharing the wish that such refreshing sessions on leadership should be multiplied. They even set the goal of organizing such sessions for the entire District governing body to be further equipped in this work of Leadership.

Last modified: March 29, 2024