• The Vision: A strong and biblical Church making new converts, receiving Christ by faith, and growing strong in relationship with God.
• The Mission: Presenting the Good News of salvation by grace and Discipling those who receive Christ by faith and guide them to grow in Christlikeness.


During the ten coming years (2016-2015) our evangelism, discipleship and church growth program will aim at:

1. Having all Free Methodist Church members hearing a clear message of salvation by grace alone and at least the majority have an experience of it reflected through their good works as expressed in Ephesians 2:8-10.
2. Having each member of the Free Methodist Church clearly understand the true meaning of the church with the ability to explain why he/she is in Free Methodist Church.
3. Having a functional well-organized program for discipleship, a well-designed curriculum for discipleship and well-trained people managing the program and using the curriculum in each local church of the Free Methodist Church in Burundi
4. Having well-organized and adequately functioning home-cells in each local church of the Free Methodist Church in Burundi.
5. Having each person going through the catechism class and all members of the Free Methodist Church in Burundi able to read, to write and to count.
6. Having each local church of the Free Methodist well-organized with qualified and competent leadership growing towards self-financing.