The Burundi Free Methodist Church wants to see strong church.

The Burundi Free Methodist Church wants to see strong church and a developed country through revived children


Child, love your neighbor, you will be demonstrating you love for God.”

 From 17th to 18th August 2019, the Burundi Free Methodist Church organized, for children from 3 to 15 years old, the vacation Bible Study (VBS) on the theme "Being a good friend of the neighbors". About this theme, the following Bible verses deserve to be highlighted: Matthew 22:39, Hebrews 6:1, Ephesians 13:16 and Philippians 2:14. The children responded massively to the meetings. Some of them walked more than 5 km a day and remained brave until the last day of VBS. During these three days they learned three essential things: Caring for your neighbor, being a good servant of your neighbor and well organizing your activities while taking care of your colleagues. It was a good time. The children had invited their friends so that they too could take advantage of this opportunity, which only occurs once a year. The program was designed to motivate the children and keep them going for hours by following the lessons. They memorized the Bible verses from which they recited by singing with joy and playing. This has created a favorable environment for their learning.


VBS2019, an opportunity for reconciliation

Figure 2 Two young girls who did no longer speak to each of other reconciled.


The goal of helping children become good friends with their neighbors is to boycott the selfish spirit. "To love the neighbor as oneself is to break down the barrier that separates the self from you, selfishness, the cause of all divisions, the usual transgression of the commandment of love of neighbor. The person who loves his/her neighbor in this way, desires their happiness as his own and contributes to it according to his own strength, as if it were himself," says Simplice Nzosaba, Director of the Department of Christian Education and Leadership Development in the General Conference. Some children quickly received this message of love of neighbor as a key to reconciliation. Nijirazana Gyslaine and Nishimwe Dancille, two young girls from Rwintare District attending the same school, found an opportunity to reconcile through this message. "I hated Dancille, so much so that I couldn't even speak with her. But Glory be to God, I have understood that I must be good to my neighbors. I thank the Church for organizing these teachings.”


VBS2019, an opportunity for correction and instruction

Figure 3 Elvanie who disturbed her brothers and parents testifies to have her life changed


Many children took advantage of this opportunity to correct their bad behavior "God loves us and always wants to correct us and teach us through his Word" says Elvanie, a little girl from Magara District "I have learned many things since I participated in these teachings. I abused my brothers and sisters, I didn't obey my parents, and at school I admit that I was often very aggressive towards my classmates. But thanks to the Word I decided to change my life to imitate Jesus Christ. I have to become a good person for my neighbors," added Elvanie.