Growing in the Christian faith with CBS

"I hated life. But this God of the Bible Jesus is true, he is faithful, he is Lord of Lords".


More than 1,305 people study the Bible daily through the Bible study movement introduced by the Community Bible Study-CBS in Sixteen Districts of the Burundi Free Methodist Church. CBS programs provide members in growing communities with an opportunity to interact with the Holy Scriptures.  This moment is rich in that it helps them to discover God every day through the study of His Word. ». In the 16 Districts where this movement is already in place, Bible studies are conducted weekly for adult groups: From the first day to the fifth day, each person makes a personal study at home on the Bible passage of the day proposed by the canevas.   On the sixth day, they explore the Bible passage together and see what the Word tells them about the "God who has woven a history through history and is present with them now". It is a very rich moment in the exchanges where class members build up each other.   


 From Bible Study to New Life 

Figure 1 Figure 1 this wall behind the Ntakarutimana Souavis, her 3 kids and the CBS NC and Mwēyá FR had been destroyed. The CBS Class Members in Ngozi Local Church rebuilt it for God’s glory


It is only the Word of God that changes our view of life and the world. Ntakarutimana Souavis is a widow, a mother of three children. She was about to commit suicide as a result of the poverty in her family. The collapse of her house walls made her family's plight so bad that she hated life. But by God’s grace, she met God through the Holy Scripture thanks to the CBS class at the local church of Ngozi, Mungwa Zone, Commune and Province of Gitega. She is now a new convert and CBC class members at the Ngozi Local Church have decided to rebuild her house for the Glory of God.


The Word of God for all


Figure 2: Figure 2 the Twa, the poorest native Community in Burundi, are now valued via CBS. A whole side of the house of the Twa Widow—on whose shoulder the Class Teacher in Ngozi Local Church is eagerly clinging— had been destroyed. These are some of the CBS Class members who worked to rebuild it except the Field Representative in visit with the CBS National Coordinator.  


The Batwa, a community of indigenous people living in extreme poverty and often underestimated by the rest of the population, find their place in CBS classes. There are no longer any divisions based on ethnicity or social rank. On the other hand, all class members are a family of God.  On Ngozi Hill, the unity found through the Bible prompted members of the local church’s CBS class to rebuild the facade of Kamariza's small house, a Mutwa widow who is still present in the CBS.