Graduation and official launching of the Academic Year 2020-2021

Graduation and official launching of the Academic Year 2020-2021 at HAU: A moment of joy well expressed by the finalist students, Academic authorities and parents


Hope Africa University-HAU is an academic institution in the liberal arts tradition founded and owned by the Burundi Free Methodist Church. Within the precincts of this Christian institution, the usual activities were suspended all day Friday 7, 2020 to honor the graduation ceremonies of the laureates of the 15th promotion. A cohort of 475 finalist students embellished the ceremonies in the presence of various dignitaries including the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Gaspard BANYANKIMBONA, the Bishop and Legal Representative of Burundi Free Methodist Church Reverend Déogratias NSHIMIYIMANA. Students who have graduated from HAU have acquired sufficient knowledge to impact their society for the Glory of God.  "We want to see communities well served in terms of professional knowledge," said Dr. Victor BARANTOTA, Rector of Hope Africa University after indicating that the HAU organizes 25 training programs all authorized by the competent authority. All these programs are grouped in 5 faculties: the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Business and Professional Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Letters, the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. According to the Rector, Hope Africa University-HAU is truly an Academic Institution that every day brings hope into the families and lives of youth who could not afford higher education. He calls on all laureates of the HAU, to face the immense realities of Africa. "We have the time for each of you to make your contribution and together we will build our community”

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According to Bishop and Legal Representative of Burundi Free Methodist Church Reverend Déogratias NSHIMIYIMANA, having a degree is not enough to succeed in life. Since life is designed to function according to certain rules, Bishop made a vibrant appeal to the finalist students to seek success and accomplishment by doing correctly what they have been called upon to do, with full respect for the law because "he who breaks the law creates his own failure.” Moreover, since every human being seeks to succeed in life, and since God is not against the success of his creature, Bishop shared with the graduates and the assembly seven steps to overcome any challenge:

Step one: Focus on the power of God rather than the size of a problem. Human strength lies in God Almighty.

Step two: Trust in God's plan even when what He proposes to do seems to be meaningless. Your success depends on how you trust God.

Step three: See the supernatural in all things and pursue holiness. To succeed well, human must put God at the center of his life and do things correctly for the Glory of God.

Fourth step: Surround yourself with other friends committed to the same goal. Surrounding oneself with people who misbehave and who have no goal or vision leads to failure. 

Step Five: Continue to consistently put one step ahead of the other to progress. God's plan may be slow but go slowly with it.

Step Six: Bring in blessings by obeying God's instructions every step of the way. Human being is the only intelligent creature who has the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Unfortunately, he always tends to intentionally reject the injunctions of his superior. “Whoever rejects the instructions of his superior embraces a great failure and falls under the wrath of his superior.”

Step Seven: Prepare for a season of joy and leave all glory and honor to God. Human strength is not a determining factor in his success.  What leads human to success, victory,… is the Grace of his Creator. At every stage of life, human must believe that everything depends on God.