Burundi is an African country situated in Central Africa. It is currently a member of the East African Community. It was first colonized by Germans who handed over to Belgians after the World War I. It got independence in 1962 and became a republic in 1966. The country has a population of 8.382.849 according to the census taken in 2008. Roman Catholics are 60%, Protestants 15%, Muslims 5%, and Animists 20% of the population. The country has experienced decades of ethnic violence which claimed lives of thousands of people putting in question the impact of Christianity in the country. Because of many decades of war, many people did not get the opportunity to go to school, as a result, 52% of the population is considered to be illiterate, while 92% live on subsistence farming.


The Free Methodist Church opened the work in Burundi in 1935. In 2015 the church has a membership of 150.989, with 736 local churches, 444 ordained ministers, and 180 ministerial candidates serving in all 18 provinces of Burundi. The church has many primary and secondary schools, a Bible school, a university, dispensaries, health clinics and hospitals.